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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact – Guide to Charitable Planning

Publication Date: Nov 2018
Author: Nancy Dempze & Brad Bedingfield

Affecting the itemized deduction for certain charitable contributions made during the year to charities, governments and other qualified organizations. Discussed in this volume are the increased percentage limit for charitable contributions, the repeal of the deduction previously allowed for amounts paid for college athletic seating rights and the repeal of the substantiation exception.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact – Guide to Divorce
Publication Date: Nov 2018
Author: Dorinda D. DeScherer

The all-new CCH® AnswerConnect: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact - Guide to Divorce explains the important implications of the new law and how the enacted changes can impact individuals and families that are separated or divorcing. Ensure compliance, eliminate potential risks and maximize advantages for your clients by increasing your knowledge and expertise on this important topic.

The major changes covered in this comprehensive guide include:

  • The elimination of the alimony deduction, which goes into effect Jan. 1, 2019
  • Modification of existing alimony agreement to opt in or out of the new tax rule
  • The child tax credit increase from $1,000 to $2,000 per child

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact – Guide to Estate Planning
Publication Date: Nov 2018
Author: Nancy Dempze & Brad Bedingfield

 The all-new CCH® AnswerConnect: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact - Guide to Estate Planningdiscusses the implications, wealth transfer opportunities and tax saving strategies the new law presents. With this one-of-a-kind guide you can expect to receive coverage of the new law, in particular, the provisions that affect estate planning. The status quo of estate tax planning will unarguably be impacted, which is why it's critical that you prepare now so you can confidently advise and guide your clients on the significant changes and steps to take in 2018.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact - Guide to Estate Planning includes:

  • Detail on the increased exclusions for estate, gift and GST taxes
  • Income tax rate structure for trusts and estates
  • Discussion on issues involving gifting, portability and dynasty planning


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact – Guide to Retirement Planning
Publication Date: Nov 2018
Author: Susan Flax Posner

Items in the Act that affect retirement planning include, among others, recharacterization of IRA contributions in certain circumstances, an extended rollover period for plan offset amounts, length of service awards to public safety volunteers, qualified disaster distributions taxable over a three-year period, qualified 2016 disaster distributions not subject to 10% early withdrawal penalty, three year period to recontribute qualified 2016 disaster distributions and the period to amend qualified plans and IRAs for the new law changes has been extended.

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