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Cannabis Taxation: Federal and State Tax Guidebook 2020 Edition
Publication Date: Nov 2020
Update Frequency: As Needed
Author: Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff

Addresses both federal and state tax guidance on the taxation of marijuana, cannabis, or related products. The publication provides an overview of federal taxation policies related to cannabis, specifically Code Sec. 280E, the interplay between Code Sec. 280E and other code sections, and any related legal issues. The bulk of the publication is a state-by-state survey of how marijuana or cannabis is taxed and how manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of cannabis are taxed differently.

On the federal level, the issues tend to be fairly broad. There is no direct taxation of cannabis at the federal level, so the issues turn on how cannabis is treated differently from any other business. Effectively, the federal government has wavered in how it treats cannabis, from respecting states' rights to determine legality to treating it as an illegal narcotics trade.

On the state level, a large and growing number of states have expanded the legality of marijuana or cannabis, some continuing to keep it as an illegal narcotic, many allowing it for medicinal purposes, and some allowing it for recreational use. As with a broad spectrum of legal treatment, there comes a broad spectrum of tax treatment, with each state that allows some limited or unlimited use of cannabis enacting tax provisions that are all different.

Cannabis Taxation: Federal and State Tax Guidebook serves as a comprehensive source of coverage to the disparate treatments of cannabis taxation across federal and state jurisdictions.

Tax Problems and Solutions Handbook
Publication Date: Jul. 2021
Update Frequency: Annually
Author: Jim Buttonow

The Handbook will provide direction on how to resolve the most common and even complex IRS problems for individuals, including:

  • Contacting the IRS to obtain tax information and history related to a problem.
  • Respond to underreporter notices or audit inquiries.
  • Evaluate and obtain a collection alternative, such as a payment plan or an extension to pay.
  • Research source documents and prepare, file, and process a late, past-due tax return.

This edition of the Handbook provides the most up-to-date solutions for questions, concerns, inquiries and other problems taxpayers may face. With cited references from the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), this edition will help you find the solutions essential to resolving most tax problems efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Tax Problems and Solutions Handbook

The Tax Problems and Solution Handbook is based on the author’s practical experience in resolving thousands of tax problem cases with the IRS. From this experience, one truth is clear: the IRS is not an easy government agency to navigate. This Handbook will provide the steps and tips to most efficiently resolve the problem, as well as set the expectations of the resolution time based on the solution(s).

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 IRS Practice: Working with the IRS After Filing
  • Chapter 2 IRS Audits and Underreporter Notices
  • Chapter 3 IRS Collection
  • Chapter 4 IRS Penalties and Penalty Relief
  • Chapter 5 IRS Unfiled and Past-Due Returns
  • Chapter 6 Spousal Issues

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The Tax Problems and Solutions Handbook covers a range of taxpayer problems encountered in 50 state jurisdictions and the District of Columbia. It is the ideal guide to common tax problems faced by individuals and the possible solutions practitioners can implement on their clients’ behalf.

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