Avis Auto Rental

OSCPA and Avis have partnered to bring you special discounts and the highest levels of service on your next car rental. Use your OSCPA Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number B655200 to save up to 25% every time you rent.

Additionally, Avis offers OSCPA members’ coupon savings. Click here to find exclusive deals and start saving!

Avis also offers a simpler way to travel with Avis Preferred Service. Available at nearly 1,400 locations worldwide, this counter bypass program will make traveling easier and quicker. Store your rental preferences with Avis and have your car and rental document waiting for you when you arrive every time. Plus, you'll enjoy amenities like the newest cars, door-to-door directions, local weather information and help with your luggage. Enrollment is free to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Avis will provide you with a unique Avis Wizard Number that you can begin using immediately for all of your reservations for fast and easy service.

For rates and reservations, please call 800.633.3469, or enroll at www.avis.com/preferred today!