CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

There is a common misconception among businesses that embracing neurodiversity in the workplace would require extensive time and effort. This is not the case with the support of CAI’s end-to-end neurodiversity employment program, CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

We recruit, assess, and manage neurodiverse talent whose skills’ advantage can solve complex business challenges. Our unparalleled program helps to identify unique talents and find the best fit for long-lasting and rewarding careers. 

How your company would benefit from neurodiversity at work 

  • Drive financial benefits and improve workplace culture
  • Boost in productivity and quality of work
  • Innovative solutions—problem-solving skills with a different perspective
  • Heightened competitive advantage
  • Strong corporate reputation and social responsibility
  • Diversified workforce

Diversify your workforce with a neurodiversity employment program. 

Anthony Pacilio
Vice President, Neurodiverse Solutions, CAI 
[email protected] 

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Creating employment opportunities. Changing lives.   

Helping people reach their true potential gets to the heart of what productivity and purpose really mean. Learn more about our commitment to neurodiversity in the workplace and how embracing the variety of talents, skills, and experiences has driven business and organizational value for us and our team members.  

94% retention rate for all program participants in the first 12 months of employment 
Over 500 global partner organizations 
120% increase in productivity and performance realized by our clients 


Savings for OSCPA members: 


*For approved opportunities only, based on total contract revenue invoiced and paid to CAI by OSCPA members. by OSCPA members.