Have you been thinking about your exit strategy? 

Are you considering selling or merging your practice? 

If so, Accounting Practice Sales can help. Our clients have found that we are able to bring them the most qualified buyers, the best price, acceptable terms, and a smooth execution. What we can do for you, and how we create value, will more than compensate for our fee.

Valuation: We understand how the unique aspects of the geographic market place can affect the value of a firm. We also know that fair market value is what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller … period. At Accounting Practice Sales, we know the accounting practice market based on our experience of buying and selling practices, not merely from theory. Our analysis goes beyond the common multiple of revenue approach.

Confidentiality: Accounting Practice Sales fully respects the need for confidentiality and we protect your confidentiality in every way possible. We work out of sight from your clients and employees. Potential buyers never know who the seller is until the seller has all the pertinent information about the prospective buyers, including resumes, credit information, and financial statements. Proprietary information will not be disclosed until we receive a properly executed Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality Agreement from the prospective buyer.

Marketing: Accounting Practice Sales constantly markets to buyers through state and chapter publications, web sites, direct mailings, phone solicitations, and networking. We maintain a large database of interested buyers and we will help find you the best buyer for your practice. Such buyers include established firms planning to expand and individuals looking to begin their own practice. We know what makes a practice attractive to a particular buyer, and we identify strong selling points for your market.

Buyer Qualification: Potential buyers are screened and approved in several ways. We analyze their personal financial statements and credit reports (if warranted) to determine if they have the financial strength needed to acquire the practice. Before making an introduction the prospective buyer is interviewed relative to their credentials and experience to insure they have the professional background required to effectively operate the business. The end result is productive meetings and not time wasted with ‘tire kickers’.

Consultation: The staff of Accounting Practice Sales will collaborate with you to understand your goals to determine the best way to structure price, payment, and other terms that will lead to the best outcome for your situation. We work with you throughout the process regarding all aspects of the sale, including practice valuation, terms of sale, financing arrangements, client retention, non-compete and transition issues.

Negotiations: We are experts as intermediaries between sellers and buyers of accounting firms. You’ve worked hard to build your firm and selling it can be an emotional time. We provide the important third-party negotiation skills to insure the deal gets done under acceptable terms that are satisfactory to you. We help smooth the negotiation process, leading to a more seamless process and the best possible result.

Financing: Accounting Practice Sales has relationships with large institutional lenders. We will facilitate the process of obtaining acquisition financing which will lead to closing the transaction more quickly. If your practice qualifies for SBA financing, we can access and provide expertise in obtaining financing for the buyer so you could possibly receive 100% cash at closing. We will also provide guidance and valuable experience in seller financing issues when necessary.

Closing: We have closed a number of deals, and we can assist with a variety of issues here, including work-in-process allocations and client transition concerns. We are with you every step of the way. We work for you.

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