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What is Dext?

At Dext, we make the businesses you look after more productive and profitable through better data and insight. We’ve recently changed the name of our current products to more accurately describe what they do.

Dext Prepare (formerly Receipt Bank) allows you to digitally capture, code and control your client’s financial transactions - this means no more searching through shoeboxes of receipts or lost invoices. You’re simply able to deliver tailored financial advice to your clients, up-to-date books and on-the-go bookkeeping. It's the 4.7 star rated tool used by over 1 million people.

Dext Connect App allows you to easily manage QuickBooks Desktop clients. Upload and update records in seconds. Amounts, due dates, categories and supplier lists – view everything instantly on one dashboard. No more switching between platforms or applications.

Dext Precision (formerly Xavier) gives you trust in your data by spotting errors before they become a problem. It’s also the same award-winning assurance, with client dashboards and HealthScore checks. Precision is currently available in the UK and Australia, and will be launching in the U.S. in late 2021.

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Collection & Reconciliation of Paperwork

Use Dext Prepare to digitize all of your paperwork in one place, ready for review. You can use the mobile app, dedicated email-in address, fetch, or web upload to send paperwork in real-time. That includes receipts, supplier invoices, bank statements, credit notes and sales invoices.

Making Sense of the Information

Dext Prepare guarantees accuracy, so no need to double-check data. Data from each receipt or invoice is extracted in just moments, making it easier to claim the correct credits and hit tax deadlines.

With Prepare, you're able to automatically extract critical financial data fields from your documents, including:

  • Original document image
  • Type of document
  • Document Date
  • Supplier
  • Currency
  • Totals
  • Tax Amount
  • Invoice Number
  • Payment Method
  • Document type & Invoice #
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Elimination of Data Re-Entry with Seamless Integrations

Dext Prepare seamlessly integrates with the leading accounting software platforms including Quickbooks (Desktop & Online), Xero, Sage,, Gusto, and more. You can even set up rules to automatically categorize spending for tax purposes.

Prepare will assign the account code, job / tracking code, and any recurring splits to different tax codes automatically - preparing for you to review. It will also match paperwork with any transactions or payments already in your connected accounting software!

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Protection Against Audit & Disaster with Secured Cloud Storage

Once your paperwork has been uploaded to Dext, it will be stored for a minimum of ten years in compliance with tax laws. The online archive is searchable so you can find documents from particular date ranges, amount ranges, suppliers and much more. That means in the case of an audit, you can provide documentation within minutes.





How to Get Started with Dext

30 Day Free Trial: Explore all the features available with Dext’s Streamline package. No credit card needed.

Request a Call: Arrange a 15-minute call or demo to learn more about the platform and to answer any questions that you may have about the benefits of Dext!

Special Promotions for OSCPA Firms: Members receive a $250 Visa Gift Card when purchasing qualified Dext Annual Bundle Plans (New Partners). Additionally, receive full onboarding support for your firm & its clients!

If you are interested in learning more about these promotions, please email Keith Bateman at

For any and all questions about Dext, never hesitate to email our expert team at

The Types of Accounting Clients Who Benefit

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or an enterprise-level firm, Dext is a pre-accounting solution that adds value to several types of clients you already support including:

  • Bookkeeping service clients
  • DIY bookkeeping & tax clients
  • Advisory clients
  • Expense clients\
  • And many more!