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CPA Voice: Sharing accounting’s story to make an impact

Written on Apr 11, 2024


“Unfortunately, how accounting’s story is shared among students and new grads is impacting the profession’s ability to attract and retain talent,” writes OSCPA staff in the March/April issue of CPA Voice.  

In a time when stories have a great impact on society and an individual’s decision-making processes, it is important that accounting’s story is accurate and impactful.  

“To address this, OSCPA’s Ohio Accounting Talent Coalition last fall listed ‘messaging’ as a key pillar in the work required to change the trajectory of the profession’s future,” the staff report details.  

Developing messaging that counteracts the negative stereotypes of accounting and reframes it as a profession of opportunity will play a significant role in alleviating the talent crisis by helping aspiring accountants see how they can play a role in influencing the growth of a business.  

“That messaging includes changing how accounting’s story is told, where it’s told, and by whom, to shift perceptions of the profession, drive engagement from the most critical stakeholders and refill the talent pipeline,” the staff report explains. 

Read the article available now in the March/April issue of CPA Voice. Read the entire article available online now.   

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