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A visual way to study for the CPA exam

Written on Mar 14, 2024

By Cecilia Yontz, OSCPA marketing and communications intern 

Preparing for the CPA Exam can be overwhelming, especially when the review materials are text heavy. This predicament inspired Joey Reeve, CPA, to create a more visual approach to CPA Exam review. 

“When I was studying for the exam, I found I had to teach myself a lot of the information and interpret a big block of text to understand it,” said Reeve, founder of Universal CPA Review. “So, I started creating visuals and teaching the material in a format that is more digestible and step-by-step.” 

As a CPA himself, Reeve understands the importance that licensure holds, especially now. Not only does it open doors beyond accounting, said Reeve, but it also shows that you have an expertise in the language of business and money.   

The path to obtaining the credential can be challenging, so having a CPA review course, such as Universal CPA Review, that goes through the AICPA blueprint and breaks it down into a more understandable format can be a great aid.  

For many candidates, the CPA Exam is unlike anything they’ve seen before. One of the biggest mistakes that Reeve sees is candidates trying to memorize their way through the exam.  

“I think a lot of people confuse understanding with memorizing words,” he said. “Understanding it and truly processing it, retaining the information, and understanding the intuition behind it is how you get to 75% or better.” 

While studying, Reeve also noted that identifying one to three possible exam questions per topic can help combat any test taking anxiety candidates might experience. 

Planning out your study approach to the exam is equally important to succeeding as knowing the material. It’s as simple as studying in the morning, Reeve said, as your mind is fresh in the morning as opposed to after working a full day.  

“Focus on one exam section at a time and carve out a study schedule that aligns with your schedule,” said Reeve. "If you're balancing work and studying, make sure that you get efficient, high-impact study time.” 

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