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CPA Voice: Meaningful change requires an ecosystem

Written on Feb 1, 2024

As diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) evolves, companies must determine a way to initiate change in the workplace. 

“DEI is a continuous endeavor—it can’t be done piecemeal,” writes Andrea Wright, CPA, partner, Johnson Lambert LLP in the January/February issue of CPA Voice. “However, there’s one strategy that organizations can adopt to drive meaningful DEI changes—a commitment to building a DEI ecosystem.” 

While a DEI ecosystem may be one of the best ways to drive meaningful change, challenges may cause delays in establishing one.  

“Employees who view these efforts as forced or unnecessary will resist, and unconscious biases and deeply ingrained cultural norms can hinder these initiatives,” writes Wright. “For some organizations, acknowledging the need for change and fostering an environment of open dialogue will be their first steps toward creating a more inclusive workplace.” 

Read the article available now in the January/February issue of CPA Voice.  

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