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OSCPA student ambassador active across campus programs

Written on Jan 17, 2024

By Cecilia Yontz, OSPCA marketing and communications intern  

For OSCPA student ambassador Carly Land, being involved in student organizations has many benefits. 

“There are advisors who know what they're talking about, and the students can learn from the experiences they share,”  said Land, a sophomore accounting major at Youngstown State University.  

In addition to being a student ambassador, Land is a member of seven different on-campus clubs and programs including club tennis, book club, honors trustees, student investment fund, Beta Alpha Psi, the Institute of Management Accountants, and peer tutors.  

“There are lots of student conferences to attend,” said Land. “It opens more opportunities and it's also great for resumes and as a talking point in interviews.” 

As a student ambassador, Land finds it important to emphasize the variety of opportunities available in the accounting profession.  

“I don't think I could recommend an accounting major more,” she said. “Not only do you have job security, but there's also a clear line of succession and there's such a broad horizon. So, if you don't like working for an industry, you could go work for a baseball team or you could be a forensic accountant.” 

Land attended the Ohio CPA Foundation ACLA events last fall and received a scholarship courtesy of Corrigan Krause which she said she was “extremely grateful” for, especially being an underclassman. As an ambassador, Land took the opportunity to bring students together for the event.  

“For the first ACLA event I hosted a watch party, and I got a bunch of snacks, and all the students who came sat around a big conference table watching it on the screen,” she said. “For the second one, I really enjoyed going to Columbus because I got to explore a little bit and I got to meet people from other schools.”   

This spring, Land will intern at Packer Thomas. She plans to find an internship for the summer before returning to school in the fall. 

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