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What happens when your employer finds out you’re on the job hunt?

Written on Jul 31, 2020

By Jessica Salerno, OSCPA content manager

Job hunting is tricky enough without worrying about your current employer discovering your days are numbered, or what to do if your boss asks you if you’re interviewing at other companies.

In the latest Professional Primer series video, Job Hunting Tips and Best Practices, we talked to three business etiquette experts on how to navigate the nuances of job hunting.

If you’re looking for a job and serious about your search, it needs to become your second job, said Tonya Tiggett, Chief Success Strategist at Promoting University, LLC. It’s important to do any job-hunting activities outside of the office, no matter how tempting or convenient it might be to print that resume at work or take a prospective phone call.

“I understand your time is limited, but you have to have more common sense,” said Bob Pacanovsky, CEO and Founder of the Vation Group.

And how should you handle it if your intentions are discovered? “Very straightforwardly,” said Karen Hough, founder and CEO of ImprovEdge. “If someone finds that resume or finds out you’re looking, you can just say ‘I did have an interview, would you like to talk about it?’ Just face it.”

Tiggett added that if this does happen, it is an opportunity to address the areas you would like more support in your job. Along with what to do if you’re discovered looking for another job, the video also covers what are the best practices of job hunting and the most common mistakes people make on their job hunt. Watch the latest video and the rest of the series on our YouTube channel.

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