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How to keep CPAs happy at work

Written on Jul 31, 2020

By Jennifer Rieman, CAE, manager, public relations

Telecommuting, flextime, sabbaticals and job sharing; these are perks companies offer to entice new employees and to retain current staff. But as Marsha Huber, CPA, Ph.D., MAPP, MBA, associate professor of accounting, Youngstown State University points out, these benefits appeal primarily to job-oriented individuals.

Huber“I think there’s a mismatch,” Huber said. “What are firms doing to help career and calling-oriented people?”

We told you about Huber’s research and the three orientations earlier this year. Now, take a deeper dive into her findings during a Winter Quick Byte Advance On-Demand video, one course in a series available complimentary to members now through March 1.

In the course, Huber identifies factors that predict an employee’s intent to quit as well as strategies for keeping talent. As a CPA, accounting professor and happiness researcher, she has a vested interest in ensuring CPAs and accounting professionals remain happy on the job.

One thing employers can do is present a clear plan for employees interested in advancing. This is particularly important for career-oriented professionals.

“It’s not enough to have goals,” she said. “You also have to have pathways, to find ways to achieve those goals and believe you can achieve them.”

Improving communication is also important. In fact, Huber’s research shows it’s the number one thing employers can do to keep employees happy.

“You should cast a vision of what’s to come and build hope in your organization,” she said. “If you want to keep your people, if some other company comes along and presents a more hopeful future, people will go with that.”

Other topics in the Winter Quick Byte Advance On-Demand series include:

  • A legislative forecast and updates on the Society's most recent research in CPA learning and compensation and benefits
  • Tactics for creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  • A tool to understand your temperament and how it impacts your work relationships… and more!

Each 20-minute course qualifies for .4 specialized knowledge CPE credits. Complete all five courses to earn two complimentary hours. Hurry, this offer is available only through March 1.

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