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Nonprofit news from around the web: April 29 – May 3, 2019

Written on Apr 29, 2019

Not-for-profit: Updating the definition of collections
New guidance from the FASB updates the definition of collections for museums and others who hold them.

Local news in America is dying. Charity might save it
Some 200 nonprofit websites are hustling to keep state and city governments honest. Many are succeeding.

What nonprofit leaders wish more people knew
Four takeaways from a recent nonprofit survey, and how the broader social sector should respond.

Driving nonprofit impact with dollars, choices
According to the Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector, more than 80% of nonprofits struggle with at least one core leadership and management issue. While donors may feel powerless when facing this troubling data, they can vote with their checkbooks and optimize their power.

Tech Corner - Psychologist explores controlling games directly with your brain
Increasingly, game developers are asking whether a 17-button controller or a mouse/keyboard are the best possible interfaces for interacting with games — or if there is something more “naturalistic” that could improve the connection between what we want to do in a game and what actually happens.