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Study: Workplace stress is on the rise

Written on Jan 10, 2019

A recent survey shows that the workplace stress needle is ticking up. The survey by Korn Ferry, Workplace Stress Continues to Mount, examined the trend.

The biggest source of stress at work is one's boss. Thirty-five percent of respondents cited this. Also, 80% noted that a leadership change, "such as a new direct manager or someone higher up the organizational chart," affects stress levels.

Disturbingly, the survey indicated that overall employee stress levels "have risen nearly 20% in three decades."

On a more personal level:

  • 76% of respondents said workplace stress "had a negative impact on their personal relationships"
  • 66% have lost sleep due to work-related stress
  • 16% have quit jobs because stress became too overwhelming.

One of the real problems with management stress is that it's often transferred, meaning that managers who feel stress acutely tend to pass it on to their employees by their own high-tension behavior.

Regarding the long-term reasons for the increase in stress, the survey notes factors like "the threat of losing a job to technology" and "the pressure to learn new skills just to stay employed."

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