Financial planning news from around the web: Dec. 17 – 21, 2018

Written on Dec 20, 2018

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting financial planning news items from around the web.

Leaving an IRA to a loved one? How to avoid a tax bomb
You wouldn't trust your toddler with a pile of cash, right? Well, this estate-planning technique may allow you to safely pass your IRA on to future generations — if you do it right.

With stock market in a correction, is a recession just ahead?
Some say the market is overreacting to bad news — but what if it's not?

7 myths about caregiving costs
If you are currently providing care for an elderly relative or plan to do so in the future, filtering through the financial details as early as possible can save time and money later. Here are some common misconceptions surrounding the costs of caregiving, as well as the realities to expect.

Investing: How to teach kids about money and stocks
Financial planning experts offer their best tips for teaching kids about investing.

Tech Corner - Top 5 principles in becoming ‘agile’ during digital transformation
Organizations embarking on a digital transformation utilizing Agile concepts should give close consideration to these principles and the accompanying Do's and Don'ts.

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