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Ford upgrades parental leave policy for U.S. salaried staff

Written on Nov 15, 2018

Ford Motor Company has added a range of new benefits for birth mothers and fathers, as well as adoptive parents and same sex couples. These improved provisions include increased time off for new parents to spend bonding with children, from two weeks to eight weeks for mothers and fathers, in addition to the six to eight weeks already available to birth mothers under the existing maternity plan.

The company has also introduced a new parent ramp-up program, which allows mothers and fathers to transition back to work following their parental leave. Under this new program, employees can opt to work on a part-time basis for four weeks at full-time pay.

Kiersten Robinson, chief HR officer at Ford, said: “My hope is that we see both mothers and fathers accessing these policies and setting an example for future generations. Recognizing key life events, such as the addition of a child to a family, is critical if we are to appreciate and value the whole employee, personally and professionally.”

Robinson add it was important that the leave provision apply to both men and women. The company saw a pattern where women were taking advantage of the previous policy, but not many men.

Ford has also increased amenities to support nursing mothers, which includes providing the storage and shipment of milk at the company’s expense if employee in question has to travel for business.