OSCPA Resources

Talent Management

Talent management—finding, training and keeping the staff your organization needs to thrive—is the number one issue facing CPAs today. It dominates the discussions among business leaders in Ohio and across the country. OSCPA has gathered resources to address this developing issue, from courses for staff, to content exploring the issue.

Peer Review

Self-regulation is one of the hallmarks of the CPA profession. The Peer Review program ensures quality practice by Ohio CPAs and firms. OSCPA members give valuable input to other members, helping resolve problems before they become crises.

Health Care Resources

OSCPA has assembled a variety of resources to help you stay on top of changing health care requirements.

Succession Planning

The sooner planning begins for transition, the more value will be retained in the firm or business. Here are some resources to help you successfully navigate the process.

Tax Resources

Get the tax resources you need with OSCPA's News and Tax Resource Center. This is your one-stop shop for local, state and federal tax resources that you can’t afford to be without.

The Ethics Consultant

This free member benefit offers peace of mind by providing a select group of CPA volunteers to serve as a sounding board to help a member sort out sticky situations.

Firm Management

Whether you're building your practice, or already a firm owner, you are faced with a multitude of concerns, from growing your client base to keeping your firm competitive in today’s electronic environment. Let OSCPA help you along the journey and discover resources you need to build and grow your practice.