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    Browse past issues of our CPA publication
    Themes for 2022: 

    January/February: Transformational 2022
    March/April: Talent Management Strategy in Focus
    May/June: The Expanded Definition of DEI 
    July/August: COVID and Supply Chains
    Sept/Oct: The Advisory Services Frontier: Types CPAs can offer and what they need to do it 
    Nov/Dec: Collaboration Tools Update 

    Sponsored E-Blasts $2,250

    Grab the attention of CPAs and drive our members to try your products and services or engage through your sponsored content. We build an email under our banner and you build high-impact conversations around your brand!


     Accounting Shows

    Over 1,500 CPAs and accounting professionals attend our virtual conferences each year. This year, two virtual accounting shows will take place October 26-27 and November 16-17. Showcase your organization through our virtual exhibit hall with videos and resources, or kick it up a notch and provide a speaker for one of our tracks or sessions. There are many opportunities to get involved and be in front of attendees through our Accounting Show Sponsorship Packages. If you have multiple staff attending, and want to develop business connections and organization recognition, consider our OSCPA Accounting Show Sponsorship Opportunities.   

     Featured Learning Event Sponsorships

     Niche Industry Opportunities: Corporate CPAs, Health Care, Non-Profit, Fraud & Forensic

    • Niche Conference Sponsorship Opportunities. Showcase your thought leaders by having them lead a session during one of our niche conferences. 
    • Title Sponsorship: Exclusive opportunity. 
    • Watch Party and Host Site: TBD 

     Thought Leadership

    • Executive Interviews: An OSCPA conducted interview with an executive(s) or expert(s) within your company to highlight thought leadership bringing visibility to your brand story.
    • Sponsored Webinar  A webinar hosted over the lunch hour, free to members and providing CPE. Sponsor to provide educational presentation with insight into company's solutions. 
    • On-Demand Sponsorship Opportunities: organization will be the sole presenter on topic within on-demand library, housed in OSCPA learning center for a year.
    • Member Curriculum Sponsorship OpportunityGain exposure to over 4,000 unique CPAs and accounting professionals through our signature offerings and most popular events. 
  • Podcast Sponsorships: Over 14,000 downloads on our OSCPA podcast, averaging 74 downloads per month.