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Managing Current Fraud Trends in a Shifting Environment

ID: 61037
Monday July 29, 2024 9:00AM - 5:00PM

As our business environment shifts, so do trends with fraud schemes and perpetrators. This course will give you the absolutely latest information with how to identify and mitigate shifting fraud risks in any entity. This event may be a rebroadcast of a live event and the instructor will be available to answer your questions during the event.

The major topics that will be covered in this course include:

  • Summary of the impact of fraud on entities worldwide.
  • Common fraud schemes and typical median losses that result.
  • How smaller entity fraud risk differs from those of larger entities.
  • The statistical profile of the most common fraud perpetrator.
  • The most effective methods for preventing and detecting fraud.
  • Cybersecurity risk management trends and best practices.
Who will benefit: Anyone interested in fraud risk management.

This webcast is hosted on CPA Crossing platform. Attendees will receive instructions on how to attend the webcast via e-mail.