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Professional Standards and Responsibilities - Conduct Beyond Reproach

ID: 59843
Monday January 1, 2024 12:00AM - Wednesday January 1, 2025 12:00AM
Topics: Ethics + Professional Standards

Trusted Finance professionals must be able to identify, evaluate and address any action or situation that threatens the core values of the profession: integrity, objectivity, and due care. However, when it comes to making the best decision, there’s not always one perfectly right answer for every situation. Professional ethics is about looking at several solutions and choosing the best path. 

This course will help you gain perspective on the importance of applying an ethical decision-making framework to issues facing finance professionals on a daily basis. 

We will look at the concept of ethics, ethical drift, ethical decision-making process, and the relationship between ethics and risk management. Case studies are used to illustrate specific challenges encountered as professionals perform financial functions within various business and industry roles. Participant materials will aid learners in identifying aspects of ethical consideration which may require their additional focus and emphasis on a go-forward basis. 

Learning Objectives:

- Describe the core ethical factors attributed to the finance profession 

- Identify the steps required in the ethical decision-making process 

- Describe factors contributing to ethical drift 

- Describe the relationship between ethics and risk management 

- Use the AICPA conceptual framework when facing situations where clear answers are not apparent