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36. IRS Audit Best Practices, Trends and ERC

ID: 58596
Thursday October 26, 2023 2:25PM - 3:15PM

- Dive into what to expect with IRS audits in the upcoming year including current observations and legislation impacting IRS enforcement. 
- Walk through the IRS 2023 Dirty Dozen list of schemes and scams including an emphasis on ERC 

- Identify proactive taxpayer steps to navigate IRS enforcement


Harry-Todd Astrov
Prior to joining ZHF, H.T. worked as an Attorney-Advisor at the IRS National Office, as Senior Tax Counsel for Chevron, and as a Senior Tax Manager at Deloitte’s Washington National Tax office. H.T. also has significant experience in assisting businesses and individuals with domestic and international tax planning and resolution of controversies. He provides counsel on U.S. federal tax accounting matters such as the timing of income and deductions (particularly in situations where there is a tax rate differential), taxation of inventories, general accounting method change questions and strategies for dealing with the IRS National Office. At Chevron, H.T. acted as the global tax planner for Chevron’s global lubricants and shipping businesses as well as its clean energy business in the U.S and worked on global tax matters. In so doing, he provided tax counsel on a wide range of U.S. and non-U.S. tax matters, including tax-efficient structuring of operations, permanent establishment, transfer pricing, supply-chain initiatives, restructuring transactions, and minimizing direct and indirect taxes (VAT, withholding and customs duties) arising from global business operations. H.T. also ran the Astrov Law firm where he frequently worked with bankruptcy, divorce, business/transactional and other attorneys to advise on tax issues arising within their client's matters. He applied his extensive experience to help individuals and businesses avoid and resolve disputes with taxing authorities and find practical solutions to their IRS problems. H.T. has successfully represented many taxpayers with large tax liabilities in obtaining collection alternatives such as Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements, particularly in complicated asset and income situations.