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33. Finding Fraud - Thinking Differently

ID: 58593
Thursday October 26, 2023 1:00PM - 2:15PM

- Learn to look for fraud in novel ways 

- Determine where soft targets may exist 

- Develop methods for creating a culture to carry on with finding fraud


Toby Groves
Toby is a social cognitive scientist that researches new thinking approaches to help experts achieve higher-order critical thinking. He conducts unconventional learning events using vivid mental imagery and radically interactive exercises. His fascinating history spurred a lifelong research journey in advanced critical thinking and collaboration in expert environments. A popular speaker amongst leading organizations in industry, government, and academia, Toby works with experts that provide society's most critical services including the audit, intelligence, investigative, legal and medical communities. Trained in a unique combination of behavioral and financial forensics, Toby is a doctoral level researcher in psychology. His commentary and story have been featured on media outlets such as NPR, in numerous professional journals, and is studied by leading researchers and business schools around the world.