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16. Corporate Site Selection

ID: 58576
Wednesday October 25, 2023 2:25PM - 3:15PM

- Consider new strategies for the business locations 

- Develop plans for next steps in site development 

- Define projected benefits of site selection


David Robinson
Dave Robinson provides corporate site location, economic development planning and lobbying consulting services for public and private sector clients based upon 30 years of experience. Priorto forming the Montrose Group, Mr. Robinson managed law firm government relations practices, was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, executive at Ameritech; senior staff for Columbus Mayor Greg Lashutka, and general counsel of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. He served as Adjunct Professor at the Ohio State University and is author of Economic Development from the State & Local Perspective, and The Energy Economy, published by Palgrave. Mr. Robinson has represented nearly 50 clients before the state of Ohio and local governments, substantial economic development strategy experience including co-researching and drafting the 30 economic development strategic plans and infrastructure and incentive strategies, and negotiated $150 M in local, state and federal financing for economic development projects through corporate site location and site development projects.