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Tax Forms Boot Camp: LLCs, Partnerships, and S Corporations

ID: 58528
Thursday November 2, 2023 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Topics: Tax
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The course provides a comprehensive, hands-on, pencil pushing understanding of the preparation of both S corporation and partnership/LLC tax returns, along with the underlying laws, regulations, etc. The course uses the basic concepts underlying the two main types of business returns: 1120S and 1065 as building blocks for more complex concepts tax preparers should be aware of. The theoretical concepts get illustrated in comprehensive examples that incorporate the most up-to-date law changes and provisions.

Major Topics

  • Compare and contrast the tax consequences, opportunities, and pitfalls of operating a business as a partnership, LLC, or S corporation 
  • Reporting Requirements for Schedules K-2 and K-3 
  • Form 7203, S Corporation Shareholder Stock and Debt Basis Limitations 
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of income tax laws for S corporations from eligibility and election to tax return preparation, stock basis, and loss limitation issues 
  • Recognize and properly handle special pass-through items of income and expense 
  • Accurately prepare S corporation returns and reconcile book income to taxable income 
  • Accurately prepare partnership returns and reconcile book income to taxable income 
  • What the transactional method entails and how to report partners’ capital accounts under this method 
  • Properly handle the tax treatment of distributions to shareholders, partners, or members 
  • Understand the special restrictions and sanctions for tax year-end selection 
  • Review the basics of partnership and LLC formation and basis calculation 
  • Self-employment tax or NOT, for each entity 
  • Filling in K-1s correctly for S corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. Major changes in K-1 reporting on both partnership and S corporation forms and content 
  • The most frequently used forms and schedules, including some form “oddities” 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn in detail about the preparation of Form 1120S, Schedules M-1, K, and K-1
  • Learn in detail about the preparation of Form 1065, Schedules M-1, K, and K-1
  • Identify and handle commonly found S corporation and partnership tax issues


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