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Construction Contractors: Non-Revenue and Non-Lease Accounting Considerations

ID: 57656
Tuesday November 28, 2023 1:00PM - 4:30PM
Topics: Financial Accounting, Reporting + Analysis
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The construction industry is one of the most unique when it comes to being in compliance with the various accounting standards. This course examines the core knowledge necessary to succeed and the key issues impacting construction accounting. Find out what other new developments may mean for you, your company, or your clients. In addition, this course explores the relationship between the contractor and the surety. With construction comprising such a large portion of the economy and always growing, it is more important than ever for you to be on top of the very latest in accounting changes for the construction industry   

Learning Objectives:

- Recall key considerations regarding the construction industry and the players who take part.

- Identify key concepts related up-to-date GAAP accounting methods applicable to construction contractors.

- Recall the key portions of construction contractor financial statements.

- Understand what a surety is and how they assist in the overall construction process.

Major Topics:

- Types of contractors

- Non-revenue GAAP accounting for contractors

- Contractor financial statements

- Sureties and their place in the construction relationship

This virtual seminar is being offered through our partnership with Midwest State CPA Societies. You will launch from your MyOSCPA learning center day of and be prompted to enter in name and state society at time of entering.