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Going Beyond DEI Initiatives - Make It Part of Your Culture

ID: 55637
Topics: Talent Management + Human Resources Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Going Beyond DEI Initiatives is a conversation about how managers and leaders can move beyond DEI being an initiative and move to make it a part of the culture and for it to become business imperative.

It is important for leaders to create a culture where all employees feel a sense of psychological safety, which is the ability and comfort to share openly as it relates to DEI, thereby creating and environment where all employees feel that they can show up authentic in conversation and actions.

Why Attend?

  • Embrace a reimagined commitment to DEI
  • Understand expectations and accountability for all employees to engage in conversations
  • Gain awareness of what it takes to make DEI a part of the culture as it relates to how employees engage and work together to achieve goals and objectives

Who Should Attend?

Open to all