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Women in the Workplace

ID: 55553
Topics: Essential Skills + Professional Development Talent Management + Human Resources Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Welcome to the “Women in the Workplace” video course meant to help women succeed in the modern working world. This course comprises three video lessons that cover how sexism can manifest at work, tips for how women can help themselves in their careers, and methods for empowering women. By learning about things like microaggressions and benevolent sexism, viewers will start to recognize how sexist behaviors can occur between people at work. Then, female learners will gain key tips for how they can navigate their careers more effectively. Finally, managers will learn about what they can do to prevent stereotypes from affecting their decisions, as well as how they can support the development of their female employees. No matter what gender you identify as, this course will help you understand and minimize the effects of gender biases at work.