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Corporate Accounting

ID: 54838
Topics: Essential Skills + Professional Development Financial Accounting, Reporting + Analysis Transformational CPA Curriculum

In this module, you will be exploring four key areas of the corporate accounting process. While some of these terms may be familiar to you, it is important to review these concepts and understand how they all fit together.

These include the key principles of financial accounting process; financial close process, trial balance, and account reconciliation; preparing financial statements; and key financial ratio.

Why Attend:

  • Explain the key principles of the financial accounting process, including the accounting equation.
  • Describe the purpose and key steps within the financial statement close process, describe the purpose of a trial balance and its preparation process, and describe the account reconciliation process.
  • Identify the main elements of financial statements, explain compliance requirements, and identify key steps in preparing financial statements.
  • Walk through the key financial ratios and explain the insights they provide in analyzing a company’s performance.

Who Should Attend:

  • New professionals within the accounting profession.
  • Professionals looking for a refresher in corporate accounting concepts and application.

Additional Course Information:

This self-paced module is a part of The Ohio Society of CPAs Workforce Development: Upskilling & Reskilling the Accounting Profession Technical Skills bundle. We encourage you to explore each of these courses as a part of your professional development plan. If interested in purchasing the entire bundle, refer to the related products below the product description.