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Women in the Workplace - Working the Room!

ID: 54601
Topics: Essential Skills + Professional Development Talent Management + Human Resources Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

Investigate how sexism can manifest at work and discover how women can empower themselves, craft their personal brand, and enhance their business development game. This on-demand course will help you navigate your career more effectively and achieve that ever-allusive work-life balance.  

Why Attend?

  •  Learn to empower women in your workforce
  •  Discover how sexism manifests at work 
  • Walk away with tips for success
  • Explore how to craft your personal brand and to work the room
  • Uncover how workplace attitude and behavior impacts our work

Who Should Attend?

  • Women looking to navigate their careers more effectively 
  • Managers who want to learn how to prevent stereotypes from affecting their decisions and support female employees
  • Those seeking resources to help with work-life balance 
  • Those interested in enhancing business development skills