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Written Communication Skills

ID: 54534
Topics: Essential Skills + Professional Development Transformational CPA Curriculum

Have you ever written and sent an internal memo only to realize it was full of errors? Or maybe you sent a quick email to your boss only to realize it wasn’t nearly as professional as it should have been?

These situations can cause us a lot of anxiety, and they can give other people a bad impression of us.

We use written communication every day — think about how often you write an email or send a text message — so it is important that we understand what constitutes clear, concise, and professional writing. Written communication is also important because it can make all the difference between obtaining or losing a new client, impressing or confounding your colleagues, or effectively convincing key stakeholders. Put in that light, it’s obvious why good written communication is so important!

Why Attend?

  • Learn the six key steps required to create effective communication and how to apply each step to different types of communications
  • Identify the steps to take to understand the context in which communications will occur and the impact context has on the key message, medium/forum, and organizational flow
  • Assess your written communication capabilities and develop an improvement plan

Who Should Attend?

  • Emerging professionals
  • Professionals looking to upskill their professionalism

Additional Course Information: This self-paced module is a part of The Ohio Society of CPAs Workforce Development: Upskilling & Reskilling the Accounting Profession General Business Skills bundle. We encourage you to explore each of these courses as a part of your professional development plan. If interested in purchasing the entire bundle, refer to the related products below the product description.