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OSCPA-backed candidates win on Election Day

Written on Jul 31, 2020

Ohio465009481OSCPA staff report

Ohio voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly elected candidates endorsed by OSCPA, as they were in agreement with the Society on 111 of 114 races in our state.

The final, unofficial results broke down as follows:

  • Statewide: OSCPA endorsed four races – all won
  • Congress: 14 races – all won
  • Ohio House: 81 races – 79 won
  • Ohio Senate: 15 races –14 won

That translates to a 97.4% success rate, which is consistent with the Society’s rate of success over the years, said OSCPA Vice President of Governmental Affairs Barbara Benton, CAE.

Of particular note, the Ohio House and Ohio Senate increased their already sizeable Republican majorities to record levels by each adding one seat (66-33 in the House, 24-9 in the Senate). With statewide races, OSCPA’s three endorsed Ohio Supreme Court candidates won, though Judge Pat Fischer’s victory – now just 0.6% ahead of his opponent – could move into the automatic recount category as outstanding absentees and provisional ballots are counted.

“This year we saw numerous races that were expected to be close yet wound up with candidates running away with victories,” Benton said. “Without a doubt, many of those races were influenced by the presidential election and related voter turnout.”

“We think it bodes well for Ohio’s business environment to have so many CPA-backed candidates elected,” she said.

The Ohio Society of CPAs’ Executive Board approved endorsements recommended by the statewide endorsement committee and related regional screening committees. The committees carefully evaluated the candidates for the respective races on behalf of OSCPA members. The candidates below were endorsed based on their voting record, working relationship with OSCPA, background and electability. The Society’s Executive Board separately considered and approved the endorsements. Only issues related to the CPA profession and broader business community are considered when evaluating candidates.

OSCPA President and CEO Scott Wiley, CAE, said with the 2016 election now concluded, the Society is preparing to advance the state of business in Ohio in 2017.

“Our work is just beginning,” Wiley said. “We need to continue working with our newly elected and veteran officials to ensure they enact policies and laws that will make our state and nation competitive.”

Complete election results (PDF)