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WWW Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Ammryn Roberts

Written on Jun 13, 2024

By Jessica Barboza, OSCPA marketing and communications intern 

Women, Wealth & Wellness scholarship recipient advocates networking and being unafraid to ask questions. 

Ammryn Roberts is an advocate for taking initiative through networking and asking questions when necessary. 


“Don’t be scared to ask questions, even when you’re going to get it wrong because that is a chance for you to grow,” said Roberts. 

Roberts is a rising senior at Ohio Northern University double majoring in accounting and public relations, a combination which has afforded her valuable soft skills going into the accounting profession.  

“With public relations, it’s about knowing how to talk to people, write a press release and do all of these different writing skills,” said Roberts. “With accounting, I think a lot of people don’t realize how much talking you have to do with people.” 

Roberts attended the Women, Wealth & Wellness Conference during 2022 and 2023, earning scholarships both years. 

“I feel like just being a woman in accounting, there’s always something new to learn at Women, Wealth & Wellness about how to take care of yourself which I really love,” said Roberts.  

Both scholarships have helped Roberts afford the books and materials necessary to continue to learn and grow as an accounting professional.  

“Nowadays, I think a lot of people will take for granted that everything will come at a certain time,” said Roberts. “But I think with getting the scholarship, it helps me to think that somebody who cares so much about the profession is giving me that scholarship to keep going on with what I’m passionate about.” 

Roberts was first introduced to the accounting field through her mentor, Trisha Cole, and worked under her while interning at The Acanthus Group during the summer after her freshman year of college. Roberts later interned with Blue & Co., LLC after her sophomore year which ignited her interest to work in health care. 

“I just dropped into this profession, and I was like let’s take on a challenge. I ended up loving this profession and what I’ve been doing,” Roberts said.  

Roberts has plans to graduate next May and hopes to work accounting in the health care sector post-graduation. In the future, she aims to work toward obtaining her CPA license. 

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