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ABO exec provides licensing board status to Ohio Senate

Written on May 17, 2024

Accountancy Board of Ohio Executive Director Donna Oklok gave testimony May 8 on HB 238, occupational licensing sunset legislation, at a hearing before the Senate Government Oversight Committee. 

The legislation is in response to a law enacted in 2018 requiring all licensing boards to explain their current licensure structure and regulations are reasonable, cost conscious and in line with other states.  If the Legislature determines a particular board goes beyond what is necessary to ensure protection of the public's health, safety and welfare, they have the authority to pursue new sections and repeal others in the Revised Code to revise and streamline the state's occupational regulations.  

In brief comments, Oklok said her agency receives no general revenue funds (GRF) and is self-sustaining through comparatively low licensing and application fees. 

“The board has experienced no administrative staff turnover in the past three years and continues to improve the quality and speed of its services even as the number of licensees increases,” she said. 

State Sen. Kristina Roegner (R – Akron) said she was happy to hear of low regulatory costs. “I think that’s great when you can compare Ohio to other states and say … we’re one of the most cost-efficient, effective states around in what we do,” she said, asking for any other recommendations. 

Oklok said agency staff are dedicated to “making the experience of licensing the least of any CPA’s worries” and are working to transform its education assistance fund from a traditional scholarship to “more wide-ranging services.” 

Sen. Roegner commended the Ohio Society of CPAs’ role in professional development, saying it does a “great job of ensuring that everything we do in Ohio … is efficient.” 

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