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Franklin University launches innovative program to address accounting pipeline challenge

Written on May 16, 2024

Franklin University and Miles CPA Review partnered to create a new program directly addressing one of the most pressing aspects of the accounting talent pipeline: how to pay for an additional 30 credit hours of education. 

The program offers 30 credits at $99 per credit hour, compared to typical costs ranging from $500 to $1000 per credit hour.  

Specifically designed for U.S. undergraduates who require the additional credits to fulfill the 150-credit requirement for CPA licensure, this initiative significantly lowers the financial barriers often associated with advancing in the accounting profession.  

Recent research from MIT revealed that the 150-hour requirement has created additional barriers to entry into the profession, especially for minority candidates. “Tuition in professional fields like accounting is expensive, and forgoing a year of income to complete a fifth year of college entails a sacrifice,” researchers said. “Naturally, the burden of such requirements tends to fall on those least able to afford the additional year.” 

Additionally, the program broadens the pathway for individuals aiming to transition into accounting careers. All participants will receive full access to extensive CPA review resources and study materials, ensuring they are thoroughly prepared for the CPA exam. This CPA Prep access is included with the micro credential at no additional charge. 

The extension of the CPA exam window to 30 months is one factor making this innovation possible. As your talent solutions partner, OSCPA is excited to support this and other innovations that lower the barriers to entry. 

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