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Green Bagel Day: A GBQ tradition that spans over 40 years

Written on May 2, 2024

By Cecilia Yontz, OSCPA marketing and communications intern 

Since 1981, GBQ has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a unique homage to its founders.  It all started when Wade Kozich, CPA, senior director, heard about an east coast firm that celebrated the holiday with green bagels.  


“[He] brought that idea back to GBQ,” said Darci Congrove, CPA, managing director. “It was fitting because of our founders, the B and Q, Jack Boyle and Ron Quillin, were Irish, and the G, Morris Groner, was Jewish.” 

Kozich saw the perfect opportunity to blend and celebrate the two heritages.  

What began as associates, and then couriers, hand-delivering bagels to clients and friends of the firm, has since evolved as the company has grown.  

“In the beginning, we all had to help. Our whole team came in at 6 a.m. to help put bagels in boxes and get everything packed together, then delivered to our clients” Congrove explained. “Today, for the breakfast, we have interns and first years who do all the greetings, we have a ton of people who help set up everything the night before and then everybody at GBQ is invited to attend the actual party.” 

Since its inception, Green Bagel Day has been celebrated annually, Congrove noted, only missing three years, one during the recession and two during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Green Bagel Day is just one way that GBQ fosters positive workplace culture. Throughout the year, Congrove detailed how the firm does a lot of charity work, has a variety of company sports teams, and holds both smaller, limited events and larger events where everyone is invited. 

“I think all of that is aided by our philosophy of being very transparent,” she said. “We tell people the only thing you can't ask is what someone else's performance or pay is. It erases a lot of the hierarchy of who's allowed to know what or who can participate in what. It makes people feel like we're all part of one big team.” 

GBQ has long been recognized for its company culture, with their Columbus office being recognized on Business First’s “Best Places to Work” list for 17 consecutive years. The Cincinnati and Toledo offices have both made the lists in their respective cities since they were acquired in 2016 and 2020, respectively. 

“The combination of newsletters, meetings, posts, in person gatherings and a calendar of events creates an environment that makes people feel comfortable,” said Congrove. “And then when things go sideways or are challenging, you have people to count on.” 

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