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OSCPA student ambassador enjoys forming connections in the profession

Written on Apr 25, 2024

By Cecilia Yontz, OSCPA marketing and communications intern 

Since becoming an accounting major, it’s the people that have made the profession so enjoyable for OSCPA student ambassador Edrick Padilla. 

“The work's the work. It's not really going to change anywhere you go,” said Padilla, a senior accounting major at Ohio Wesleyan University. “But the people, they're super nice. There's this stigma that accountants are boring people. It's just not true.” 

Last summer, Padilla interned with Schneider Downs and made many meaningful connections, including a former OSCPA student ambassador who encouraged him to pursue the opportunity.  

Since becoming a student ambassador, Padilla has enjoyed connecting one on one with other students, especially underclassmen. 

“I'm not much of a public speaker, but I do like to talk one-on-one with people and try to understand what they’re going through, especially freshmen, because we were all there at one point,” he said.  

In addition to being a student ambassador, Padilla is on the baseball team at Ohio Wesleyan. Padilla started playing baseball when he was 4 years old and living in Puerto Rico.  

Growing up in Puerto Rico was amazing, Padilla recounted, and having the opportunity to come to the United States and play while simultaneously pursuing an accounting degree is a blessing.  

When Padilla attended the Accounting Careers Leadership Academy (ACLA) events last fall and received a scholarship from Procter and Gamble, he said it meant a lot to both him and his family. ACLA also helped Padilla expand his network.  

“It was definitely a very unique experience as a young person to be at a networking event because you have to come out of your shell,” he said. “And on the first day, they talked about how to take the CPA exam, which was so useful. Those are opportunities that wouldn't have been open if it wasn't for ACLA.” 

People are the foundation of the profession, as Padilla explained, when you’re young, you’re not expected to know everything right away. It’s about knowing the right people and being yourself. 

“Try to be genuine and put your best foot forward in every interaction you make because you never know who that person could be and what doors they could open for you,” said Padilla.  

After graduating in May, Padilla will return to Schneider Downs and by the end of the summer will be a full-time staff member working in audit. 

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