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CPA of Ohio: Aunique Blackwell

Written on Aug 31, 2023

What is something from your bucket list that you hope to cross off? 

It was to go to Paris, but then my sister graduated and went to Paris, so that was crossed off. So, I would say become a CPA. I really want to have my own accounting firm. Doing that and traveling the world. Also, ever since I was a kid, I wanted to work with the FBI. So, I kind of want to do accounting for the FBI too before I obtain my CPA license. I also want to touch all 50 states in the United States of America. I like to travel with my family. I really want to go to Japan, do a lot of traveling, and just live life. 

What is something that you have accomplished that you are most proud of? 

Once I moved to Columbus, I started working at H&R Block as a receptionist. And then I got offered to be a manager at one of the biggest H&R Blocks in Ohio. It was so shocking. So, becoming a manager at H&R Block, a worldwide company that revolves around taxes was a really proud moment. I would say that was one of the big goals that I was really happy about accomplishing and I was managing people that were all older than me. At first, I could tell they didn't really care for me because I was so young. But then they learned my work ethic and I used to get compliments every day. 


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