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CPA of Ohio: Ryan Pukys

Written on Nov 9, 2022

What do you like to do outside of school? 

Definitely play sports and watch sports. I'm in a fantasy football league right now. I'm in first place which I'm really happy about. I do that and I'm enjoying hanging out with my friends right now. We’ve got four guys in in my house and then in the house a couple houses over I've got five of my other best friends. I've also been running a lot lately because I'm trying to step up my cardio. Like I said, I've been playing sports, and we have a big open yard and there’s a lot a couple houses down that we always play football at on Sunday evenings which is fun.

What sports do you like to play? 

We all started with tennis. That was my first sport. Both my parents played in college. My dad was an All American. We used to live right next to tennis courts. I have two other brothers and three sisters, and so my parents used to take us all down to the courts and my dad would run a tennis clinic with us almost every day. That's what we did in the evenings. And so that was my first introduction to sports. We just played all the time. I played tennis all the way through high school, and now I play a couple times a year. I also like playing football and basketball, but I watch everything. 

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