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Politicos on the Move: May 22, 2022

Written on May 20, 2022

New Ohio State Rep appointed in Cleveland area

 Bishara Addison    Ohio House Democrats voted Wednesday to seat Bishara Addison as the new 9th District representative, succeeding former Rep. Janine Boyd (D-Cleveland Heights), who left for a federal post.

Pennsylvania Primary Results

Outside of Ohio, one of the most closely watched state primary elections unfolded in Pennsylvania this week. Since many Ohio businesses and CPA firms operate in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, public policy decisions in the Keystone State have an impact on how multi-state business is conducted. While the November general election results will dictate which elected officials will be sworn into office, decisions made at the primary election level certainly have an effect as well. Though the Republican challenger for the U.S. Senate seat has yet to be determined, here are the unofficial results of the other races in this week's PA Primary:

U.S. Senate
John Fetterman-D and To be determined-R

Governor/Lt. Governor
Doug Mastriano, Carrie Delrusso-R 

Josh Shapiro, Austin Davis-D

1. Ehasz-D, Fitzpatrick-R 66%,

2. Boyle-D, Bashir-R

3. Evans-D

4. Dean-D, Nascimento-R

5. Scanlon-D, Galluch-R

6 Houlahan-D, Ciarrocchi-R

7. Wild-D, Scheller-R

8. Cartwright-D, Bognet-R

9 Waldman-D, Meuser-R

10 Daniels-D, Perry-R

11 Hollister-D, Smucker-R

12 Lee-D, Doyle-R

13 Joyce-R

14 Reschenthaler-R

15 Thompson-R

16 Pastore-D Kelly-R

17 Deluzio-D, Shaffer-R

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