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CPA of Ohio: John Van Atta

Written on Jun 1, 2021

What are your favorite places you've traveled to before or that you would love to travel to someday?

My family and I used to go to Ocean City, Maryland, year after year. We would go to the beach, play little mini golf and just have a great time. Another place I really loved and this was kind of like more of a once in a lifetime trip. But my favorite place ever was going to Belize back in 2015. I went with my Spanish club in high school and we went to a variety of different places. Some of them included climbing a few ruins, visiting a school, a zoo, a monkey sanctuary, we did a hike in the rain forest. And my personal favorite was actually doing snuba and SeaTrek. 

Is there a piece of life advice that someone has given you or, or maybe that you've read somewhere that has really impacted you or stuck with you? 

One of the big things I've heard was to never stop learning whether you just got your college degree, or if you got your CPA license. There's so much that you still haven't learned. And the best thing about it is that you typically learn from those who are so passionate about those topics, those people are more than happy to just be a mentor to you and be a guide. And I just absolutely love getting to experience that connection with those who really love what they're teaching. 

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