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CPA of Ohio Hannah Henderson

Written on Feb 9, 2021

This week’s CPA of Ohio is Hannah Henderson, CPA, tax senior at GBQ.

Is there any life advice someone has given you that really resonated?

“The advice that I’ve been trying to take lately is remembering to take time to take care of myself. One example is I have been trying to get myself to go to bed earlier lately because that is hard to do once tax season really ramps up. But I have noticed when I take time to do stuff like that, or make time to exercise or do yoga, I feel a lot better during the day and the work still gets done and I’m actually more efficient.”

What are some of your favorite places to travel to?

“I like to go home to Toledo because a lot of my family still lives there. So, I try to go there since it is an easy drive. In terms of a vacation, I like to go to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, that’s where my family has always gone growing up so it’s a special place to us.”

What has been the highlight of your career?

The highlight has probably been seeing how much I’ve grown in the past five years. When I think about myself when I interned in 2015 and my first tax season, I was really shy and not very confident in what I was doing. Now, five years later, I can help clients so much by being an advisor for them. Seeing the progress that I’ve made and being able to help clients as well has been rewarding.”

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