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How women can establish their executive presence

Written on Jul 31, 2020

Professional women are faced with a unique amount of scrutiny, especially as they climb the ladder to senior leadership roles. With all eyes on you it’s important to establish an “executive presence” so you’re communicating – either verbally or non-verbally – your authority and insight.

Your words, tone and body language all play a role in executive presence, but there’s also an element of thinking of your feet. That’s where Karen Hough comes in. Hough is the founder and CEO of ImprovEdge, an organization that uses improvisation in business training. In Hough’s blog post on establishing executive presence, she cited seven strategies professional women should implement.

1. Know you’re an asset
2. Send the right message with your body
3. Think before you speak
4. Use the power of the pause
5. Tap into your sense of humor
6. Establish boundaries
7. Make “Yes, and” your best friend

Have you used any of the strategies above to help establish executive presence? How did it go? Let us know in the comments.

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