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Hires determine this company's culture

Written on Jul 31, 2020

By Gary Hunt, CAE, senior content editor

Last week we introduced you to Michael Whitmire, co-founder and CEO at FloQast, who described some of the lessons he has learned in his journey from a Big Four CPA to a company leader.

I followed up by asking him how he intentionally built the culture at FloQast, and Whitmire immediately set me straight.

"I actually wasn't intentional about building the culture," he said.

A self-described cynic, Whitmire remembers exchanging smirks with co-workers at previous jobs when leaders talked about the importance of work/life balance.

"In accounting we kind of look around and say, 'Which department does this apply to? Who at this company is having this experience (of work/life balance)? Because it certainly isn't us.'"

In the latest episode of OSCPA Spotlight, Whitmire explains how, rather than dictate a culture from the top, his company has been successful by hiring well and allowing their people to build the culture.

"I think that culture is ultimately just defined by the people you hire,” he said. “You're going to hire certain people, they are the way they are, and if they work well together you have this culture that starts to develop."

OliverWatch this episode above now to learn more. And for a deeper dive into how to take your career to a higher level, be sure to join us at OSCPA's Strategic Accounting and Finance Summit, where Floqast’s Blake Oliver will discuss how to create a culture of continuous improvement.

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