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CPA of Ohio —  Philip Zanko, CPA

Written on Oct 22, 2019
Mother, father, and son smiling and posing for the camera.


This week's CPA of Ohio is Philip Zanko, CPA and owner of his firm, Philip M. Zanko, CPA.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

 “You know, it's interesting that this is one of the questions because just last year, we visited that place. My son-in-law’s dad is a pastor at a church in Virginia, and he was taking a group over to Israel. And we looked at the cost — I've looked at the cost for years — and this deal wasn't too bad. So, last October, for our 40th wedding anniversary, my wife and I, and our son went to Israel, it was just a dream come true that we were able to make the trip. We were able to see the sights in Israel and I tell everyone that reads the Bible and has some Christian faith, I highly recommend it — it's really incredible. I never thought we would make that trip.”

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