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How I grew my accounting revenue 75%

Written on Aug 22, 2019


We started out, like a lot of firms, with a lot of tax work, and then finding that the rest of the year we were struggling to get by. Well, about 10 years ago, I saw the shifts that were taking place in tax and decided that we needed to make some changes within the firm to survive – namely, to stop relying so heavily on tax returns to be the main source of my income, and to expand my reach geographically.

Now my main emphasis is Client Accounting Services (CAS) and bookkeeping. How did I make the switch to proceed with these services? Well, I did so with the help of AccountantsWorld and Accounting Power. In this case study, I will relay how Accounting Power has helped set my practice apart with comprehensive functionality and a greater control over tax season. My results? A 25% increase in revenue over four years. Download this exclusive ebook.

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