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Small business news from around the web: May 27 – 31, 2019

Written on Jun 12, 2019

Small-business owners: Don't give Facebook, Amazon remote control of your customers
You’ve got 20,000 followers for your small business on Facebook. You sell hundreds of products a month on Amazon. This all seems good, right? Not so fast. Who owns your customers? That’s a critical question for you to answer if you want your business to survive.

Small business cultures need to evolve along with workforce
Small businesses' cultures are becoming a bigger priority as more owners respond to the dramatically different expectations of a younger workforce and a low unemployment rate and shrinking labor pool that make it harder to find staffers.

Rural America feels the sting of Trump's China trade war
President Trump's trade war with China is biting rural America. Most Americans haven't yet felt the pain of the tariffs Trump imposed last year, which largely hit industrial components rather than consumer goods. But that's changing as Trump escalates his standoff with Beijing.

Retirement savings bill seeks small business buy-in
A new House bill would create incentives for businesses to provide access to workplace savings plans for some of the most underserved groups — employees at small businesses and part-time workers.

Tech Corner — Four steps to a healthier relationship with technology
Technology has the ability to move us forward, helping us advance in our personal and professional lives, but even with so many advantages, it’s important to understand what impact technology can have on different areas of our lives, such as social connections, productivity and emotional health.

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