How to start offering client accounting services quickly


You don't need to be a large firm to offer Client Accounting Services (CAS). And you don't even need new clients.

If you already have 20 or more write-up / bookkeeping / accounting clients, you can sort them into a few categories based upon the amount of work you do for them. For example, you might group into three categories: simple write-up/after-the-fact work, some transactions processing, and almost all the accounting work. From that, select clients that you do a lot of work for. What are the typical questions they’re asking, and how do you answer those questions?

The moment you figure that out – what is the demand/scope of work and how do I service it? – you can easily identify those existing clients who have a need for a higher level of services but aren’t yet buying those from you – and you will also identify the possibilities of which additional services would make the most sense for such clients. Now you're ready to take those possibilities to all your other clients who are not buying those services.

Learn the next steps to launching a CAS practice.

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