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Nonprofit news from around the web: March 18 – 22, 2019

Written on Mar 19, 2019

In case you missed them, here are some recent interesting nonprofit news items from around the web.

Opinion: Could a more robust IRS have nipped the Varsity Blues scandal in the bud?

Maybe, although we will never know for sure. There were certainly enough yellow flags in IRS filings of the nonprofit at the center of the biggest college-admissions scam in history to signal something was wrong.

Why Gen Z is compelled to do good

Gen Z are a force to reckoned with, and they may very well challenge a nonprofit to step down or step up. Here are seven strategies for driving Gen Z engagement with your nonprofit.

Sixth consecutive giving record for higher ed

Giving to higher education in the United States set another new record for the sixth consecutive year. The estimated $46.74 billion in contributions increased 7.2% (4.6 adjusted for inflation) when compared to the previous record, $43.6 billion, set in 2017. Three schools topped $1 billion in giving.

Five ways nonprofits can prepare for Instagram's donate button

With the right strategy, and some astute preparation, nonprofits can plan on seeing success from the new Instagram Stories feature.

Tech Corner – How to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV

Your iOS devices are great media players, but sometimes you want to watch on a big screen. Here's how to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV.