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Health care news from around the web: March 11 – 15, 2019

Written on Mar 13, 2019

As hospitals post price lists, consumers are asked to check up on them
With much fanfare, federal officials required hospitals nationwide this year to post their "list" prices online. But it’s not yet clear how many are doing it, even as the government has taken the rare step of asking consumers to monitor hospital compliance.

Health care workers face violence ‘epidemic'
From verbal abuse to physical assaults, health care workers on a daily basis face threats to their safety as they care for patients.

The high price of no prices
The Trump administration is considering a rule that would require doctors and hospitals to disclose the rates they negotiate with insurance companies, a step toward establishing something that is sorely wanting in the U.S. health care market: prices.

Health care startups promise to rein in costs
Innovative new technology companies are likely the best hope for reversing spiraling costs in the $3.5 trillion healthcare market, according to industry experts.

Tech Corner - Do not disturb: How I ditched my phone and unbroke my brain
Unlike alcohol or opioids, phones aren’t an addictive substance so much as a species-level environmental shock. We might someday evolve the correct biological hardware to live in harmony with portable supercomputers that satisfy our every need, connecting us to infinite amounts of stimulation. But it hasn’t happened yet.