OnTheClock offers free employee time clock services to accountants

OnTheClock understands how valuable accountants are to small businesses, and that’s why we offer FREE employee time clock accounts for you to use! Accountants have the luxury of setting up multiple accounts and sub-accounts for their clients to track employee hours worked. The cloud-based system captures the time that each employee punches in and out, logs it into the system and adds up total hours to display on the timecard section. Paid time off such as vacation, holiday, personal, sick and other PTO days are reflected as well.

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Time cards are available at the accountant’s convenience. The ease to seamlessly receive and send hours to payroll assuring that payroll will be completed accurately and on time is a lifesaver. This streamlined process allows the business to continue operating with minimal to zero payroll errors.

“It makes my job and my Accountant’s job much easier.”

-Ro9ce (OnTheClock Customer)

OnTheClock integrates with the most popular payroll companies including:

  • QuickBooks
  • ADP
  • Xero
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Gusto
  • And many more!

By offering a variety of payroll companies for accountants to integrate with, it allows them the freedom to use what they are accustomed to.

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An employee time clock system should offer ease and simplicity without reducing the quality and accuracy for those who depend on it the most. OnTheClock offers this kind of service and it is free to all accountants! Sign up for your free account here or call 888.753.5999 for assistance.

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