Dealing with student debt

The cost of college isn’t determined by the sticker price, said one expert on college debt. Young accountants are realizing this all too soon as they face their debt after graduation.

“A student should not take on no more than half of their anticipated annual salary in debt based off of the particular career path they choose,” said Aaron Greene, CEO and founder of College Liftoff.

Greene spoke on how students should appropriately deal with college cost in the January/February issue of CPA Voice, along with other Ohio accountants who are figuring out how to handle their debt post-college.

“I feel like I’m paying fairly aggressively, but I also am young and there are other things I want to do in my life and other things I want to prioritize, like getting married and buying a home,” said Amber McAuliffe, CPA, who is working on paying off a 10-year-loan from the University of Dayton.CPA Voice

Read the complete article online now and hear more from accountants dealing with debt in our podcast episode.

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